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As you may have heard, popular real estate CRM Contactually was acquired by Compass. For many real estate brokerages, this left them blindsided, and now must face a big move in their tech solutions. For those customers left in the dust and looking for a Contactually CRM replacement, TRIBUS wants to make your move easy. Our expert Concierge Support team, with a 99 percent satisfaction rating and an average chat response time of 32.5 seconds, will be on hand to train you, your staff and each and every one of your agents how to use TRIBUS’ powerful real estate brokerage CRM, so your transition is smooth.

Making It Easy to Move

We’ll match Contactually’s current price for you, and we’ve added features to enhance the productivity of your entire team in intuitive ways — features platforms like Contactually have yet to introduce — like allowing lenders access to certain portions of the CRM to work hand-in-hand with agents to convert leads. In fact, our CRM offers nearly everything Contactually does, and plenty it doesn’t, including all the other above products we make beyond the CRM. We are adding a few Contactually-favorite features, such as a Chrome plugin, to make transitions even more seamless. Here are just a few of the product offerings you receive from Contactually that our system matches or beats:

☑️ Synced emails between your CRM and third-party email services like Gmail / GSuite

☑️ Organize your contacts into intricate subsets for more granular, automatic marketing (using tags, similar to Contactually’s “buckets”)

☑️ Detailed records of all past correspondence you’ve had with leads by email, SMS and phone, as well as reminders for future communication you need to have

☑️ Automated drip and blast emails, with the opportunity to add suggested content for agents, recruiters, and staff

☑️ Access for all, whether you’re sitting at your office computer or on-the-go using your mobile devices

No Compass Guarantee

TRIBUS promises we will never sell to Compass — or anyone else, for that matter. If we do, you can get out of your contract, and we’ll put that in writing.

What Sets TRIBUS’ CRM Apart

The TRIBUS custom real estate brokerage CRM comes complete with all the features you’ve come to expect from such a tool, and more. From daily tasks and reminders for your agents to automatic connections to leads’ social media profiles, we have designed this system from the ground up with the way agents operate in mind. Your brokerage-provided Contactually CRM replacement should fit neatly into your daily workflows, not completely reshuffle them.

Contactually CRM replacement screen

You will not only receive a new Contactually CRM replacement for your brokerage, but can get everything else TRIBUS offers on one convenient platform. These additional services include:

All this is just the start, and TRIBUS is adding new features to our CRM and beyond all the time. Our platform is designed to be custom-fitted to your brokerage’s unique needs, and we pride ourselves on not just great products, but on sticking with our clients as their co-pilots through the real estate business. Now that it’s time to find a dynamic new Contactually CRM replacement, we hope you will take a peek under the hood of TRIBUS’ system to discover just how much value we will bring to your company — schedule a time to chat with us today, and get started with a brokerage CRM that packs a punch.

The premium features of reminders to follow up, flex mail, and content library are an upgrade to our base platform.

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