Brokermint Integration Highlights

Please note: This integration has not been updated to the latest TRIBUS API, and is available to TRIBUS customers on version 2 only at this time.

  • TRIBUS contacts automatically sync with back office software
  • Manage TRIBUS leads’ documentation and track commission

While your TRIBUS product suite includes powerful transaction management tools, many brokerages may find themselves in need of a more robust set of resources to command their back offices. This is where Brokermint comes in handy, and why we made sure to integrate directly with its services.

This product provides brokers, agents and office administrators a complete back office system for tracking anything and everything related to your transaction. It eliminates the need for multiple programs and will seamlessly integrate with your TRIBUS CRM, as well as other programs you may already have in place, such as QuickBooks.

Brokermint Pipeline

Leave manual bookkeeping behind and rely on Brokermint to upload your bookkeeping data to QuickBooks. It’s fast, automatic, and error-free.

This service also provides helpful checklists for agents (see below) to ensure that no small detail slips through the cracks between getting a listing and the final sale. From obtaining a listing agreement to making sure inspections are scheduled to filing tax documents, these checklists are an effective way to keep agents on track with their every meticulous duty — and for their brokers to make sure their backs are covered.

Brokermint Checklist

How TRIBUS customers use the integration:

Connect the two products to automatically sync contacts (see below), so you can start signing documents and working on commissions.

TRIBUS Brokermint contact sync

Brokermint is used by TRIBUS customers to take care of document management, compliance, commission tracking and financial reports.

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