Bridge Learning Management System Highlights

  • Single place to store and track all of your agent and staff training content.
  • Can manage videos, webinars, audio, PowerPoints, text, and more.
  • Set and track training timelines to make sure agents stay current.

When polled, agents stated that the training and support they receive from their brokerage was the most valuable resource provided (technology was second).  What better way to invest in your training program that to utilize a learning management system like Bridge.

Without a learning management system (LMS) in place at your brokerage, you likely have content scattered across many different places – Google Drive / Dropbox, the hard drives of employee computers, your real estate intranet, etc.  By integrating Bridge, you could bring all of the content into one place and ensure not only compliance with your brand standards and promise, but also that your agents and staff are actually getting the information.

How great would it be for you to have a new to the business agent training plan, or even content designed to help experienced agents get to the next level?  Bridge can help with this and provide training timelines and calendars that track and agent or employee’s journey through the training process and during their lifetime at your brokerage.

Inside of Bridge, you can even create learning modules using their content editor.  No need to do a webinar and upload it, you can pre-record the entire content right from within their platform and post it live when you’d like.

TRIBUS offers a full single sign on connection with Bridge and the modules and calendar can be placed right inside of our real estate intranet platform.  Many of our large brokerages have invested in Bridge and have seen dramatic results after having a formalized training offering.  Learn more about Bridge by visiting their website.

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