Local Logic

Local Logic Integration Highlights

  • Show commute times from listings including drive, public transit, biking, and walking times.
  • Get school and neighborhood boundaries.
  • Show local points of interest like grocery stories, coffee shops, etc.

Founded in 2014, by urban planners and data scientists, the company’s vision was to match people with places and transform the way Real Estate was being bought, built and sold in all of North America.

(Listen to our podcast with Local Logic CEO Vince Hodder talking about using Local Data On Your Brokerage Website)

LocalLogic TRIBUS integrationSince then, that vision has become a reality. Local Logic has now grown to cover over 70% of real estate consumer searches in all of Canada, and have billions of actions taken on our platform every year. (Yes it’s true – Billions!)

Imagine 24 Million people checking for schools, restaurants, noise, etc… on every listing they see online… Local Logic does that.

Local Logic reveals neighborhood insights via easy to understand scores, from 1-10 for walkability, quiet levels, and more. These scores empower homebuyers, to purchase the best house for their specific lifestyle.  Additionally, it provides not only driving commute times, but walking, bicycling, and transit as well!  TRIBUS can build these items into search criteria so that your clients can find the right home based on these important parameters.

This is the future of consumer behavior.

You can find our scores, interactive visualizations, and location data, used every day on the websites of some of the largest brokers, such as; Sotheby’s Realty Canada, Remax Canada, and Royal LePage.

With Local Logic, brokers can uncover opportunities within their homebuyers’ journey by learning about, and connecting with, location conscious audiences, measuring real-world ROI, and applying insights that drive intelligent marketing and successful business outcomes.

LocalLogic Real Estate Heatmap

Local Logic is seeing daily growth in the US market specifically through their integration with TRIBUS custom real estate brokerage websites.

“TRIBUS is one of the best brands In real estate tech, brokers across the US trust them with the most vital data, and we are honored to partner with them and offer their clients the first national integration of Local Logic in the US.”
— Pierre Calzadilla, VP of Growth.

“Our clients in the US have been waiting for this kind of opportunity to seamlessly integrate – we are excited to see this launched.”
— Madeline Hammer, US Broker Relations for Local Logic.

LocalLogic Search Enhancement


Our lifestyle search products, empower home searchers and enables a level of engagement never before seen on brokers websites. It will give marketing teams valuable insights to fuel unique content marketing. Learn more about them here.

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