Niche Integration Highlights

  • Display local school statistics on your listings, communities and more pages of your TRIBUS website
  • Data includes K-12 schools, as well as private schools, with public school district boundary data

So much of finding the right home for someone is all about location — but it’s not so simple as just picking a good-looking spot on a map. If you want your agents to sell homes as efficiently as possible, you should be allowing them to provide as much information about their listings’ locations as possible. That includes details about the communities they’re located in, nearby public transit, commute times to the buyer’s place of business and more. But, for many folks looking for a new home, perhaps no information is more important than the schools for which the home is zoned. To help market your brokerage and its listings to this core demographic, we integrate with Niche.

Niche School Ratings

This kind of school data provided by Niche can prove invaluable to brokerages hoping to give their users the most data possible when conducting a home search. The data, which includes elementary, middle, junior and high schools in the surrounding area, along with private schools, brings with it a wealth of information, most notably ratings and reviews from the neighboring area. We also have the school boundary data for all public schools, which can be searchable and viewable in map form. Each listing you integrate with Niche, then, showcases not only information about and photos of that home, but also some of the most important information about the surrounding area. Show your leads you care about what’s important to them where they live (or want to live!) by displaying this information. This is being a real estate brokerage in the 21st century — letting data guide your business.

All TRIBUS clients are eligible to receive all this data for their listings, community pages and beyond from within your custom real estate brokerage websites. Instead of saddling our brokerage customers with massive upfront fees to use this data, we’re simply charging per agent per month, based upon how many users you have on your TRIBUS platform.

Learn more about this school data provider here.

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