Integration Highlights

  • Differentiate from your competitors by providing a new visual search experience
  • Generate more organic traffic by boosting your SEO.
  • Mitigate risk of ADA compliance lawsuits by auto-captioning all of your images.

We all know how important images are for that first impression homebuyers get when browsing for a new home, yet ironically most brokerages, who are sitting on millions of images on their real estate brokerage IDX detail pages, are doing nothing with them.

With the power of A.I. you can now easily have all your property photos auto-tagged so you can put those images to work and stand out from the masses!

Restbai TRIBUS Integration

Differentiate yourself with a new visual search experience

Remember just 10 years ago when “map-based” search was the next big thing? Now it’s the most basic feature. With dozens of websites fighting for users’ attention, it’s more important than ever to provide an experience that separates you from the competition. Computer vision is the next step in search’s evolution by providing a new level of control for your users. and TRIBUS can help you utilize the untapped potential of your photos’ data and create an effortless search experience for your user.

Restbai Search By Tag

Generate more organic traffic by boosting your SEO

Restbai Listing Photo SEOEveryone knows that the top link on that first page of a Google search is prime real estate, but getting there isn’t easy.

That is where real estate brokerage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. Google doesn’t reveal its secret sauce on how to get to the top but one of the best practices to get ranked higher is to have all the images on your website properly tagged so Google’s crawlers understand the visual content of your website.

By easily integrating’s auto-tagging technology through TRIBUS, you can make sure that all your image tags are optimized to boost your SEO, and in turn generate more organic traffic.

Mitigate risk of an ADA compliance lawsuit

Restbai ADA Complaince

The U.S established the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stating that it should be as easy for the disabled to use services in both physical and virtual spaces as it is for those without disabilities.  Compliance with ADA is one bullet point to make sure you’re using when evaluating a real estate brokerage website vendor.

Lawsuits are already being filed against American brokerages because their websites pose barriers to blind people, such as a lack of alt-text, which screen reading software use to describe pictures to the visually impaired.

Integrating’s auto-tagging technology via TRIBUS can help you easily mitigate that risk, while at the same time providing a better service to the underserved market of the visually impaired.

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