BombBomb Integration Highlights

  • Use the Chrome Extension To Record Videos In Flexmail and Blast / Drip Messages
  • Generate leads through video marketing
  • Track these leads through TRIBUS’ CRM
  • Use lead data in CRM to build BombBomb’s contact list

BombBomb TRIBUS IntegrationWith a funny name but a powerful system, BombBomb allows users to send full video based one to one, drip, and blast messages to new website registrants, Zillow and Trulia leads, and your SOI in your CRM.  While TRIBUS has a full blast and drip email platform, we always believe that agents and brokers should be empowered to use the tools they believe are best.  So we integrate with lots of email marketing providers.

You can use your Android, iPhone, or computer webcam to record the video in the BombBomb platform (You can even do it from directly within Gmail or Google Apps).  It will then upload the file to your email, you can add a few items in the text editor and click send.  When recipients get your email, it will look beautiful in their email program no matter if they use Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other app.


You’ll know when your leads open the email, click on a link, or watches the video.

By setting up BombBomb to fire a video email to every website registration or Zillow lead within a few seconds after the individual fills out the form, you can better connect with that consumer on a visual level and they can get to know you just a little bit.  Through our testing at TRIBUS, we’ve found this to be a very effective tool at making sure leads don’t register elsewhere while waiting for a response. Learn more about their platform.

BombBomb Zap Templates


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