Gmail Integration Highlights

  • Messages sent via Gmail will automatically sync with your CRM so you and your agents can stay on top of all correspondence you’ve had with leads
  • Access this integration with Single Sign-On
  • Send out blast/drip emails to your contacts and leads as a part of TRIBUS CRM’s email marketing suite, viewable side-by-side with emails you’ve sent from Gmail and other third-party email marketing solutions

Chances are, you use Gmail on a daily basis for your personal and business correspondence. And if you don’t, you can be sure a healthy chunk of your agents do. At TRIBUS, we tend to believe that having many different apps you need to switch between a thousand times a day can be the death of productivity for you and your brokerage. So why would we force the customers of ours who love their Gmail apps to use our powerful email marketing suite for drip campaigns, then use Gmail for more personalized follow-ups, with no hope of collecting both these logs of communication in one place? We are now able to sync sent emails in Gmail with your TRIBUS real estate brokerage CRM, with Single Sign-On.

So much of converting a lead into a repeat customer happens over email. A visitor’s registration on your custom real estate brokerage website, for example, could lead to a classic, effective “what’s my home worth?” email back to them to break the ice. You’ll often schedule showings for listings via email. After closing, you send out a congratulatory email. Down the line, maybe that newly minted homeowner gets an automatically gets an email wishing them a happy birthday, bringing your agent and brokerage back to the top of their mind.

But how much is all this worth if you can’t keep an accurate log of all of this correspondence? No matter what app or service they’re using for their email client, be it TRIBUS’ own or any number of third-party platforms, we want you to be able to keep as much data about leads and everything your agents do to convert them within one data warehouse. So this integration with Gmail (as well as the rest of Google Suite) allows you to do that, making sure your agents can easily view every email they’ve sent to their leads from within your brokerage CRM, no matter what service they actually used to send them.

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