Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper Integration Highlights

  • Lead information in TRIBUS are synced with Happy Grasshopper contacts
  • Automate conversion campaigns smoothly between CRM and email marketing platform

At TRIBUS, we offer your agents a full suite of email marketing tools including drip and blast messaging.  However, we love to provide agents the integrations that allow them to run their business the way they want.  One of the most widely used third party email applications we see agents use is Happy Grasshopper – a funny name, but a serious business tool.

Happy Grasshopper TRIBUS IntegrationHappy Grasshopper is a dynamic email marketing service that increases customer engagement by enhancing salespeople’s methods of following up with them. Whether it’s with a simple, quick automated reply or a complex, long-term correspondence plan, Happy Grasshopper is a unique and effective way of converting leads through email.  However, what the company is best known for is their keep in touch emails – casual messages that get responses from potential clients and those that can send your agents referrals.

When a lead is created, updated or deleted in TRIBUS, it automatically triggers the same action in your Happy Grasshopper contacts, and vice-versa. That way, your email contact list always stays up-to-date and free from dead weight, while also efficiently teeing up new contacts to become new customers.

Connecting TRIBUS with their platform for marketing automation will save tons of time entering data, moving back and forth between platforms, and will probably save your fingers from some soreness too.

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