SendGrid Integration Highlights

  • Ensure emails sent through TRIBUS are delivered to leads’ inboxes
  • View detailed reports on email campaign performance
  • Broker is alerted if agent is sending SPAM messages

Email is a vital part of any real estate brokerage platform.  It powers drip and blast messages and most importantly your property alerts.  If these messages aren’t getting through to your clients and leads, your brokerage is missing out on the most important marketing channel outside of the phone. At TRIBUS, we trust the industry leader in making sure your messages are going out and hitting inboxes: SendGrid.

Many broker platform vendors offer email delivery services as part of their package.  The problem is that in many cases these email servers are shared amongst all of their clients.  That means your messages may take hours to send, or worse, never get there.  Due to SPAM filters, it’s very possible that an agent at another brokerage might use that system after purchasing an email list to send out and their messages are marked SPAM.  The way SPAM filters work is that if one server sends too many messages, then everyone using that server can no longer get their messages through.  It only takes 2 messages out of 1000 sent for your server to be effective.

At TRIBUS, each of our real estate broker clients get their own SendGrid account.  That means you are in complete control.  SendGrid will even alert you if it thinks one of your agents is sending SPAM messages, allowing you to take action before your email delivery is negatively effected.  You’ll also be able to see your deliverability rating in real time, day-by-day as your messages go out.

But SendGrid also offers a deep insight into your messages.  Right within the TRIBUS platform, you’ll be able to see delivery, open, click, bounce rates for both email campaigns and property alerts.  You’ll even be able to see individual leads and clients and whether they opened your message or not.

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