Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads Integration Highlights

  • Generate leads with Facebook ads and track through TRIBUS’ CRM
  • Leads have a pre-filled form for contact information for use in CRM

Facebook is consistently one of the best and lowest cost ways to generate leads for your real estate brokerage.  By being able to target your advertising to specific zip codes, neighborhoods, subdivisions, or demographics, you can focus your marketing dollars. But, Facebook Lead Ads are the newest way to take advantage of this advertising vertical.  Facebook allows you to create a form, directly on their site, and they auto fill in the contact fields for the consumer, all they have to do is click the submit button.

You could use this either for users to request to be setup for a saved search, or you could use it as a way to generate seller leads.  Imagine having the form pre-filled with their contact information and all they have to enter is their address or zip code in which they are interested in purchasing.   Either way the lead will be pushed in automatically to you or your agents’ TRIBUS CRM account.

Facebook Lead Ads Zap Templates


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