Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Integration Highlights

  • Send your roster information automatically, in real-time to LeadingRE and the LeadingRE Cloud.
  • Send your listing information automatically as well.
  • Single Sign On into LeadingRE Access and LuxeXchange (for LPI members).

If you are a LeadingRE real estate brokerage member, you can now have your roster and listing data flow through to the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World platform automatically.  Using our TRIBUS Source API, LeadingRE has built a connector to our platform that shares the information in real time.

Access LRE

This means that instead of manually sending them listings and roster information, or using other third party products like ListHub, if you are a TRIBUS client, you will get this service for free.

In addition to sharing your listings directly with LeadingRE, TRIBUS has also setup full brokerage single sign ons using our Resources platform to both the Access for all LeadingRE members and LuxeXchange for Luxury Portfolio International members .  This allows your agents to quickly access all of the great resources available to you through your Leading Real Estate Companies of the World affiliation.


As a Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Solutions Group Participant, learn more about the special service and discounts we provide to LeadingRE members.

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