Mayfair International

Mayfair International Realty Integration Highlights

  • International exposure for your luxury real estate listings.
  • Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Network of independent real estate brokerages around the world.

Brokerages need the best exposure for their listings.  When talking about a brokerage’s luxury listings, that statement is even more accurate.  Sophisticated luxury home sellers today want their home marketed everywhere.  If you’re an independent real estate brokerage, you have the opportunity of exposing your listings on Mayfair International Realty.

Based in London, the company works with brokerages around the world to get exposure for their luxury listings.  At TRIBUS, we’ve connected with them to make this process seamless for brokerages.  By creating a feed to the Mayfair specifications, similar to how listings get on Zillow, your luxury listings will be pulled in and automatically placed on their site.  They further classify listings into equestrian, golf, ultra high net worth, waterfront, and ski homes.

Mayfair Example Listing


When users request more information, they will be referred to your brokerage.  Also, as you can see from the listing above, Mayfair does a good job to make sure that your brokerage contact information is prominently displayed on all of your listings.  Furthermore, the site makes sure to list all broker partners on their roster pages with links back to your company website.

Learn more about Mayfair International Realty by visiting their website.

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