IDX Broker

IDX Broker Integration Highlights

  • Agents and teams using IDX Broker websites can continue to use them for lead generation, funneling leads coming through this platform into TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM
  • IDX Broker provides basic, templated websites with IDX property search functionality

It should come as no surprise that, at TRIBUS, we care deeply about and believe in the effectiveness of the website as a powerful lead generation and branding tool. We’ve staked our entire business in building high-end, custom real estate brokerage websites our clients can use as their first impressions to the world, with the efficient back-end platform to deliver on that good first impression. We couldn’t be more proud of our brokerage websites, the IDX/VOW feeds that make searching for listings on them easy and intuitive, or the individual agent and team websites that come packaged with our products. But since we are exclusively focused on delivering our products to brokers, we also appreciate that some of your agents may have other products they’re already using, and we want to work with them to let them continue using those products. Case in point: Using our connection with Zapier, we integrate with IDX Broker to ensure that individuals hosting their website through this service can continue using our platform in tandem with theirs.

For those who wish to use their IDX Broker site, we want to make that easy for them. So leads who come in through their IDX Broker site will automatically be pushed into your TRIBUS brokerage CRM to begin engaging and converting into customers.

IDX Broker makes basic websites not too dissimilar to our semi-custom Ashland theme, as both are built on the dynamic WordPress platform. These are outfitted with branding for your brokerage or team, an IDX search bar and responsiveness for mobile visitors. It’s a fairly bare-bones approach to the real estate website, but could serve as the bedrock of a more integrated platform.

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