Nextdoor Highlights

  • Send your brokerage’s listings to neighborhood-specific social media platform
  • Clicks generated from Nextdoor can flow through to your TRIBUS website

Nextdoor is a popular social networking platform for neighbors to discuss what’s going on in their neighborhood. Events in the area, crime reports, favorite restaurants, items for sale, lost & found — basically, anything a neighborhood would want to communicate about, they can do it here. For real estate brokerages and their agents that utilize TRIBUS custom brokerage platforms, Nextdoor also presents a fantastic opportunity. These are communities of people who you already know have a vested interest in their areas, so who better to put your listings in front of?

To help you show your listings to the people who are most likely to be impacted by them (or share them with their neighbors looking to sell or buy a home), using our real estate listing syndication platform, TRIBUS can set up a syndication feed with the Nextdoor network.

nextdoor real estate

Expanding upon the listings appearing on Nextdoor, individual agents from your brokerage can elect to become their area’s “neighborhood sponsors.” This will place their name, headshot and contact info in key places — as ads on users’ Nextdoor newsfeed, in the real estate section for the neighborhood and in digest emails, sent thrice weekly — along with testimonials from people who live in the neighborhood in question.

nextdoor listing

On the brokerage level, you can automatically send new listings to the appropriate Nextdoor neighborhoods, which will be announced in the main newsfeed and in daily digest emails. On some pages (as seen above), there will be a sidebar featuring the listing agent, with testimonials, contact info and a simple CTA to “ask a question” of the agent. Of particular interest to neighborhood folks, these pages can also display the dates of open houses.

TRIBUS Nextdoor Integration

Users who click through the site on an individual listing are then sent over to your TRIBUS custom brokerage website where leads can then flow through to your real estate brokerage CRM to start the engagement process. While the real estate section of Nextdoor is still in its pilot stage, the potential here is huge: There are already 160,000 active neighborhoods on this platform, full of people hungry to invest more in their communities.

Learn more about this service here, along with forms to sign up to send your listings to their platform.

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