• Send listings to the portal, and leads generated from there are pushed to your TRIBUS CRM
  • This site is specifically geared toward millennials and first-time homebuyers, with a more comprehensive mortgage calculator for monthly payments

Just about any broker in the U.S. is actively trying to attract more millennials to their business. They’ve quickly become the largest and fastest-growing slice of the real estate marketplace. More specifically, first-time buyers make up 42 percent of all homebuyers right now. That’s something few brokers can ignore if they want to continue finding success in real estate. — an offshoot of Zillow — is geared specifically toward younger buyers purchasing their first homes. This presents an opportunity to better connect with that demographic, and to make that process easier, we’ve made it simple to connect your TRIBUS platform with this up-and-coming real estate search portal.

This integration works the same as the one we have established with Zillow — meaning, as a direct API connection with your platform, our integration with is a two-way street. We can push listings out to their platform automatically to increase your brokerage’s reach for lead generation (and potentially place them in front of more first-time, millennial homebuyers than you could otherwise). Meanwhile, on the other end, those leads generated from are funneled right back into your real estate brokerage CRM to engage with about the listings they’ve expressed interest in. Their search is saved like it would be had they done it on your real estate brokerage website. Leads coming in through the portal are demarcated as such on those leads’ profiles within your CRM, thanks to TRIBUS’ property inquiry function, so your agents have all the information they need to target them effectively.

We love setting brokerages up with tools that can help them better grow their businesses — even if we don’t build the tool ourselves. For brokers looking for more ways to engage with first-time homebuyers, our integration with could be a game-changer. For more information on this portal, visit their website.

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