RealScout Integration Highlights

  • Automatically push leads from your TRIBUS brokerage CRM to become clients within RealScout
  • New clients, client events and email events within RealScout are populated in TRIBUS

RealScout TRIBUS integrationSo much of success in selling real estate isn’t just showing people a bunch of homes and hoping someone will want to buy one — it’s showing the right person the right home at the right time. With certain technological innovations over the past couple decades, accomplishing this feat doesn’t have to just be left up to luck and ubiquitous advertising. Now we have tons of data on what buyers are looking for right now and more accurate, more intelligent ways to target those buyers. This is what RealScout is striving to do with their technology. And using our connection with Zapier, you can integrate its services with our own for generating and nurturing leads.

RealScout’s services are multifaceted. On one end, you have their popular listing alert emails. Similar to TRIBUS’ own market insights emails, these drive engagement through branded emails to leads featuring up-to-the-minute listings (according to RealScout, these emails are engaged with 10 times more often than the industry average). On the other end, you have their home search portal, which is branded for your brokerage and/or a particular agent, keeping the lead engaged with your brand and not wandering over to another site for their home search. Where RealScout really stands out is in their collecting and leveraging of buyer data. The service gathers the actions of countless buyers to determine those that best indicate intent to buy your listings, in real time, granting you and your agents insight into who to target with a pitch and when.

RealScout TRIBUS Map IntegrationWhile there’s certainly some crossover between services RealScout provides and TRIBUS’ suite of services, for brokers and agents who already know and love the former, we want to make it easy for them to use both. Our connection with this product through Zapier allows you to do just that in numerous ways. For instance, a new lead coming into your TRIBUS brokerage CRM can be automatically pushed as a client into RealScout. Same goes for when a new client is created in their database — they become leads in TRIBUS’ CRM. Client events and email events within RealScout can automatically add notes to the lead in our CRM indicating those activities. Zapier makes it simple to automate these and more functions between platforms, so you don’t have to switch back and forth between systems during the sales process.
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