VScreen Integration Highlights:

  • Customizable videos that can be embedded on any TRIBUS page or listing
  • Build drip programs to automatically send leads market update videos
  • Branded for your brokerage

Video has become an undeniably crucial component of digital marketing. Yet, from YouTube to Facebook, the marketplace is littered with branded video content — making it hard for a business to stand out. To help brokerages compete in this crowded world of video marketing, TRIBUS can be fully integrated with VScreen.

VScreen is a provider of turnkey video content and technology, designed specifically for real estate professionals. Video is, of course, one of the most effective and direct forms of communication; this service, then, offers an efficient method for a brokerage to communicate with and educate their customers. VScreen’s options for video content include:

Community Videos

These automated (and always up-to-date) videos come with 19 optional scenes, personalized for your targeted area, including school information, commutes, household income and nearby things to do.

Market Videos

The Market Videos are automatically updated monthly using MLS metrics, with five scenes:

  • Active Inventory
  • Median Listing Price
  • Days on Market
  • Median Sales Price
  • Units Sold

Listing Videos

Listing Videos can include up to 17 scenes — it all depends on the amount data you have. hey are branded for your brokerage and each specific listing’s agent.



VidBrander allows you and your agents to upload your own videos, or pick from VScreen’s huge inventory of ready-made videos. They come branded and with a personalized intro, letting you go from putting together the video to sharing it on your social channels in moments.

This content is easily inserted into any TRIBUS website page, such as a listing or community page, or wherever you see fit, using either a static link or embed code. Each video comes with the option of a male, female or randomized voiceover, and you only need one URL that will be automatically updated with the latest data. Set it and forget it. From there, you can start leads on a drip program to automatically receive market update videos, making it easy for brokerages and agents to continually engage with their leads.

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