Wolfnet Integration Highlights

  • Use Wolfnet branded websites for your brokerage and agents, and funnel leads from the site into TRIBUS’ CRM
  • All backend services, like your brokerage Intranet and lead routing, are handled by TRIBUS, connected to Wolfnet’s lead generation and property search functions

We couldn’t be bigger believers in the sheer strength of real estate brokerage websites, or a streamlined IDX property search functionality. On the one hand, these tools are unbeatable for lead generation — someone visits the site, finds a property they love or saves a search, and registers themselves to be contacted by an agent. But, of course, that’s not the only benefit of having a strong real estate website. There’s also the ever-valuable matter of branding; when someone’s first introduced to your brokerage, it’s probably from visiting your website, and a great site makes for a great first impression. There are many other such benefits to a site, and while we believe in our custom real estate websites, we mostly want to see brokerages succeed. So if you or your agents want to utilize the websites and IDX property search of a great company like WolfNet, while still utilizing TRIBUS’ backend brokerage CRM, Intranet, custom lead routing and more, we want to make that easy for you.


There’s a good bit of crossover between the services provided by WolfNet and TRIBUS, but plenty of ways to utilize both in conjunction with one another. Since both are built exclusively on the powerful WordPress platform, it couldn’t be simpler to connect them.

While TRIBUS offers every agent and team individual websites as a part of your brokerage platform, some may want to continue using their WolfNet branded site — and that’s totally doable. They can use continue to use their WolfNet website for all their front end, lead generation needs, and funnel all those who register through that website straight into your TRIBUS brokerage CRM to track and further engage.

Learn more about this service here.

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