Brivity Integration Highlights

  • Plug the Brivity CRM in TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM so that agents and teams can automatically push new leads between systems, without repeating entries
  • Brivity offers marketing automation tools to continue nurturing leads through the sales funnel and beyond

A powerful CRM system isn’t just about keeping track of what you’ve already done — it’s about what you’re going to do to make that sale, and from there, to keep that contact engaged for repeat business and referrals. What’s your plan of attack for not just making a sale, but forging a strong relationship? This sort of reasoning is exactly the reason why, when we built the TRIBUS platform, we baked in certain lead nurturing functionality, from things as simple as automated messages when it’s a contact’s birthday, to creating tasks to keep yourself and your agents on top of following up with leads. This line of thinking also went into Brivity’s CRM system for real estate agents — it was built for both closing deals and helping to ensure repeat customers.

Our connection to Brivity, made possible through our Zapier integration, is perfect for agents and teams whose brokerages moved over to TRIBUS’ platform but they are already used to the functionality of this CRM. And we want to make sure these users are able to get everything they want out of their technology, so leads are automatically synced between platforms. So, say, if a new lead registers on your custom real estate brokerage platform, they will be populated within both their system and our real estate brokerage CRM, eliminating the need for time-consuming, tedious repeat entry.

Brivity has several plans, depending on how many products you want bundled into it. The most robust package comes complete with the CRM, IDX search capabilities, brokerage websites, and landing pages, market data and more. The most basic package, perfect for TRIBUS broker customers whose want to connect our services with Brivity’s, is just the CRM — although this system, too, is packaged with services like email marketing and its own lead routing rules.

Learn more about this CRM system here.

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