Excel Integration Highlights

  • Connect spreadsheets with your TRIBUS real estate brokerage CRM to eliminate repeat entry
  • Add new leads, delete them, edit details or write notes on their progress between platforms

Microsoft’s Excel is a mainstay in both personal and professional software for many reasons. Spreadsheets are an unmatched tool for organization, as they offer users simple methods to enter, manage and analyze massive amounts of data in easy to understand ways. Excel has been installed on the computers of real estate professionals across the world for years, but now, with cloud-based solutions provided by Office 365 becoming more widespread, this program gives far more opportunities for access and collaboration amongst entire teams. This has given Excel increased relevancy in recent years, and allows for endless integration with other software you and your agents use. Of course, the TRIBUS platform allows for all kinds of integrations with third-party vendors, and Microsoft Excel is no exception, through a simple Zapier connection.

Setting up this integration with TRIBUS’ real estate brokerage CRM is easy and offers many benefits. Most notably, you can take all the data you keep about leads stored in your CRM and export it into a central spreadsheet you can take with you anywhere. Adding a new lead adds a new line into the spreadsheet or spreadsheets, contact info and other details are automatically populated, and lead notes are synchronized. Similarly, adding a new line into your spreadsheet will add a new lead in your CRM.

Besides giving you and your agents an easy way to visualize all your lead data, integrating your TRIBUS Excel will provide them with further ways to integrate your systems. Download your spreadsheets as a CSV and then you can re-upload it in any number of other services — retargeting ad platforms, direct mail services, other CRMs and plenty more. (Although, chances are, we probably already integrate more directly with whatever other software you need to use anyway!)

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