Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss Integration Highlights

  • Connect TRIBUS with Follow Up Boss to push new leads and their status updates between systems
  • Lead activity on your TRIBUS website will trigger action plans within Follow Up Boss

TRIBUS is proud of our brokerage CRM system, and love helping brokerages provide their entire roster of agents with a powerful tool to increase productivity and streamline the sales process. Yet we recognize that many agents and teams may already be using another service for all their lead management needs — and we want to provide a way for those members of your team to have their cake and eat it too. So, as a way to do this, we offer an integration with the popular Follow Up Boss service.

Follow Up Boss promises an all-in-one platform for communication with leads. This includes logging text messages, phone calls, emails and more, leaving your agents and team leaders in a prime position to keep track of all correspondence. Of course, following up with leads is the bedrock of converting them.

Using our Zapier connection with Follow Up Boss, you can ensure your team can use both our platform and theirs seamlessly. There are a number of ways your can utilize this integration, in either direction. For instance, a new lead coming through your TRIBUS real estate brokerage website can create a new contact within FUB. Various activities, like a showing request, saved search or a collaborative search match for a property, will push into this platform as well, triggering an action plan within the system. Meanwhile, a new lead within FUB will also push into the TRIBUS CRM, and adding notes or tags to leads in FUB will appear in our system.

Learn more about this service and how it can be of use to your agents and teams here.

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