Google Suite

Google Suite Integration Highlights

  • Sync lead information and more from TRIBUS’ CRM and Google Contacts, Calendar and Sheets
  • Set up autoresponder emails in TRIBUS to be sent from Gmail account

TRIBUS integrates with Google Suite, or G Suite, to make your experience using the TRIBUS platform both seamless and easy to use for you and your agents. G Suite has changed the way we all use the internet and cloud-base technology, whether it’s through email, file sharing and storing, or storing contacts and managing calendar events. Google Suite reigns supreme with billions of users every day.

At TRIBUS, we don’t want you to abandon the technology and systems that already are a part of your daily routine and help make your business run smoother. We pride ourselves on building a versatile technology platform that can easily integrate with software you already use and depend on.

TRIBUS can integrate with Google Suite to connect with the following Google Suite programs:

  • Google Contacts: a contact or lead that is created from TRIBUS and can be stored in your Google Contacts and vice versa.
  • Google Calendar: all showing requests can be sent to your Google Calendar from TRIBUS.
  • Google Sheets: a variety of pertinent information you want to record in a spreadsheet can easily be transferred to assigned columns or rows you create on a Google Sheet, and information on a Google Sheet can update data in TRIBUS’ real estate brokerage CRM.
  • Gmail: All messages sent to a client will be synced with your TRIBUS CRM. Also using additional connection options, a personalized autoresponder email can be sent from your Gmail account when clients request a showing, and sent emails from Gmail can be synced with your TRIBUS CRM.

About Google SuiteGoogle Suite

Google Suite is the premier technology in cloud-based infrastructure for email and file-storage and file-sharing. The suite is an all-inclusive platform package that uses each of the programs mentioned above, and all work together seamlessly to improve the way users receive information, share and store files and manage contacts and appointments. Users enjoy using the Google Suite platform because of its intuitive nature and familiarity, since most of its users already use Google Suite programs in their personal lives. Learn more about the benefits of G Suite on their website.

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