LionDesk Integration Highlights

  • Sync leads and contacts between TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM and LionDesk’s agent CRM, eliminating the need for repeat entry
  • Lead activity on your TRIBUS real estate brokerage website can trigger a new email activity within this system for following up

Where perhaps once a CRM could stay basic platforms for viewing leads and where they came from for follow-up, the modern professional has so many day-to-day functions to keep track of, many tech providers have to level up to become all-in-one packages for maximum engagement. That’s why our suite of services extends beyond our custom real estate brokerage websites and brokerage CRM to include email marketing, transaction management, our one-of-a-kind Coach service, lead routing and more. LionDesk is another CRM tool that packs in all kinds of productivity tools for your agents to stay on top of their business.

Connected to TRIBUS’ CRM through our integration with Zapier, LionDesk grants agents all kinds of services to engage with leads and track their activity. While many of these services share similarities with those TRIBUS provides, your agents may already love the functionality this system provides, and we want to keep your entire team happy and productive.


Our integration with LionDesk gives you the ability to automatically push leads from TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM into their platform as new contacts. This saves your agents time as they no longer will need to enter the same information into multiple systems. Other functionality includes automatically creating new email activities attached to contacts within LionDesk based on certain activities on your TRIBUS website, like a collaborative search match.

Besides their CRM, other services LionDesk offers include transaction management, email marketing campaigns and tracking, calendaring, document management, the ability to share information across teams, video content, auto-responder emails and more. Learn more about the services they can provide your agents with here.

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