Outlook Integration Highlights

  • Automatically send emails from your TRIBUS platform through Microsoft Outlook
  • This allows replies to come into your Outlook inbox for further correspondence and engagement
  • Integrate your calendar with those in your TRIBUS brokerage Intranet

Microsoft Outlook, for many, is the go-to platform for their real estate brokerage’s email correspondence with leads, clients, staff, contacts, vendors and whoever else they need to keep in touch with. Part of that is because Microsoft Office has been in rotation for businesses’ software solutions for decades now; part of it is because Outlook also includes an integrated calendar perfect for scheduling appointments and meetings.

Whatever the reasons, countless real estate brokerages use this platform many times a day — while TRIBUS offers our own, powerful email marketing suite (which includes such functionality as blast emails, drip programs, email performance stats, branded headers and footers and more to provide brokerages with robust email marketing capabilities), as well as calendars within your brokerage Intranet, we also completely understand how popular Outlook is in brokers and agents’ day-to-day routines. Therefore, using an easy Zapier connection, we have made it possible to link your TRIBUS platform with Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 to send emails and manage your calendar through Outlook.

The way this works is simple — you simply change over some of your automatically triggered emails from sending through TRIBUS to sending through your Outlook account. This works, for instance, when a new lead registers, or requests a showing, on your real estate brokerage website and they automatically have an email sent to them and the agent assigned to the lead. This allows you or your agent to take over correspondence from their Microsoft account. New events on your Intranet calendars can trigger a new appointment within your Office calendar. Having to repeat the same functions multiple times can be a huge productivity killer, and with integrations like this, you and your agents can work to eliminate that from your lives.

Outlook Zap Templates

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