Salesforce Integration Highlights

  • Push new leads from TRIBUS’ CRM to Salesforce
  • Sync lead information and notes between CRMs

Salesforce is arguably the biggest name in CRM technology. While TRIBUS firmly believes in the power of our own, real estate brokerage CRM, we understand that many agents and teams may already know and use Salesforce when it comes to managing their leads; that’s why we made sure to integrate our platform CRM with theirs.

You can easily sync lead information between TRIBUS and Salesforce. For instance, new leads and contacts generated from your TRIBUS website can be pushed automatically into this service to track and engage. Similarly, new leads in Salesforce are sent to your TRIBUS CRM, as well as any notes you’ve made about that lead. The same can be done for events such as showings, information requests, etc.  This will save you and your agents countless time from having to enter the same information into multiple services.

Like TRIBUS’ CRM, Salesforce provides a cloud-based solution to sales, allowing you to keep every bit of data you have on your leads in one place, accessible from anywhere. While their platform isn’t exclusive to real estate sales, having a CRM provided to each agents can be a game changer for a brokerage, as it provides them with everything they need to keep track of their potential customers and set tasks for themselves to keep those leads engaged.

We want you and your agents to be able to use our system along with others you already love, which is why we have made it a point to integrate with as many third-party technology vendors as possible. That’s just one of the reasons our platform has such a high adoption rate among agents. We make our platform with brokerages’ needs in mind, and want you to have everything you need to be as successful as possible.

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