Wise Agent

Wise Agent Integration Highlights

  • Agents can connect the TRIBUS brokerage CRM with the Wise Agent CRM to funnel leads between platforms and take advantage of their marketing automations
  • Provides your agents and teams with additional features, like templates for weekly newsletters, landing pages, drip marketing campaigns and more

REALTORs are, by definition, busy people. It can be hard to squeeze all the day-to-day tasks your average real estate agent is responsible for into the workday, with time enough leftover to focus on their real business — selling real estate. At the brokerage level, TRIBUS provides our broker clients with countless tools to pass along to their agents to increase productivity and profitability, but for individuals and teams looking for further resources to maximize efficiency, our integration with Wise Agent through Zapier should help do the trick.

Wise Agent is many things, but altogether, it’s an all-in-one CRM and productivity tool. Many of their services cross over with TRIBUS’, like drip email marketing, transaction management and a central hub for leads and their activities. But we fully understand that some of your agents may already use Wise Agent for their daily needs, and we want to make it possible for them to utilize both platforms seamlessly. So, for instance, when a new lead registers on your custom real estate brokerage website, that lead will be populated both in our brokerage CRM and your agent’s Wise Agent CRM as well.

Wise Agent CRM

Other services provided by this vendor include landing pages your agents can create in addition to the agent and team websites we provide; text messaging and tracking; templates they can use for newsletters; cloud document storage for any important resources they may need at a moment’s notice; an appointment calendar with automated SMS and email reminders for scheduled meetings; label and envelope printing, as well as flyer templates, for print marketing; automations and segmentations for teams to work together on leads; and more. For agents looking to go the extra mile to boost their productivity, connecting TRIBUS and Wise Agent could make a big difference.

Learn more about this service here.

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