Adtaxi Integration Highlights

  • Use Adtaxi’s digital marketing and advertising campaigns to brand your brokerage and build traffic to your TRIBUS custom real estate brokerage website
  • Leads gained through these campaigns are pushed in your brokerage CRM to further engage and convert

Digital advertising has truly changed the game for brokerages looking to use their marketing budgets in places they know are providing returns on their investments. Before, you may have taken an ad out in the local phone book, and probably have no idea how many of the calls you get every day are because of that ad buy. In the digital sphere, however, services like Adtaxi are making it so that you know exactly which ads are converting and which aren’t. This kind of reporting can prove invaluable to charting a path forward with your brokerage, safe in the knowledge that, for instance, your Facebook ads are working wonders and not throwing money after lost causes.

TRIBUS and Adtaxi — a digital marketing and advertising agency boasting peerless analytics on their campaigns — share some important things in common. For one, we both believe in sticking side-by-side with our clients long after they sign on the dotted line, effectively “selling past the close.” Secondly, we are both highly data-driven, using metrics gleaned from years of intensive data collection; we both use data from our last project to dictate the terms of the next one. We provide our clients with all kinds of analytics to see what we’re doing right, and what could use a little more attention. All this made it a no-brainer to integrate our two services.

Adtaxi uses “Quantum optimization” for all the different platforms and data points involved in your digital marketing campaigns, in order to custom-build a plan to meet your brokerage’s goals. The aforementioned, intensely granular analytics Adtaxi collects allow them to reverse-engineer the best way to build traffic to your custom real estate brokerage website. Thanks to this integration, leads who then sign up for further engagement are then funneled into TRIBUS’ real estate brokerage CRM to track and turn into proud new homeowners.

Learn more about their digital marketing services here.

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