Adwerx Integration Highlights

  • Automatically generate targeted digital ads for all your agents’ listings, driving traffic to your TRIBUS real estate brokerage website
  • Automatically push leads into TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM for engaging and conversion

The fact is, not only is targeted digital promotion and advertising for your brokerage’s listings a proven strategy for gaining attention to them, it’s also something sellers expect from your agents. According to Adwerx, a whopping 60 percent of sellers want their agents to provide these services when looking for prospective buyers. But, as any broker can tell you, that expectation doesn’t always lead to your agents putting in the money and effort to making this part of their strategies. Adwerx, when integrated with TRIBUS, grants brokers the peace of mind that all their agents’ listings are being effectively promoted online, by automating the digital advertising process.

Adwerx, through digital targeted advertising, promotes the satisfaction of both your agents and their clients. All your listings are automatically sent into their system through TRIBUS’ powerful API, and Adwerx then creates custom ads for each listing to be displayed on mobile phones, web and Facebook. These ads aren’t just randomly spit out, however: They’re targeted for homebuyers in a geographic area around the listing, on websites and social media platforms they already use. (An added bonus: the homes’ sellers are also targeted in these ads, giving them the satisfaction of knowing their agents are going the extra mile to spotlight their homes.)

Adwerx - machine

That’s not the end of Adwerx’s services. For instance, your agents can also post ads targeted for specific ZIP codes, or directly to people in their sphere for repeat business and referrals. Meanwhile, you can use them for recruiting new talent by posting highly targeted ads to build traffic to your brokerage’s careers page.

All this intelligent advertising will work wonders for your branding, and driving traffic back to your custom real estate brokerage website, all automatically, with a guarantee that your brand is being represented properly. Once these leads visit your site, and if they then fill out a form to indicate their interest, all their info is automatically pushed into TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM for your agent to follow up and lead down the path to a sale. Through this integration with Adwerx’s marketing automation, you can rest assured your agents are doing everything they can to sell their homes (and your brand!) online, and so can their clients.

Learn more about this automated service for brokers here.

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