Kingston Lane

Kingston Lane Integration Highlights

  • All-in-one lead gen platform connects with TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM to maximize your agents’ abilities to follow up with them
  • Kingston Lane’s services include ads for social media, home valuation landing pages, location-based lead farming and more

The modern real estate agent will need to get their name out there online in as many ways, in as many places, as possible. And this may go beyond the individual agent websites that come packaged with TRIBUS’ custom real estate brokerage websites (powerful tools in their own right). This kind of full-tilt lead generation may include everything from social media ads to digital geographic farming, from specialized landing pages to email marketing. In the past, perhaps all these functions would require your agents to sign up for countless services to drum up leads in every corner of the internet. Now, though, Kingston Lane is rolling them all up into a single service, and you can connect this service with TRIBUS to supercharge your agents’ lead gen abilities.

For many of the benefits your average agent will need, Kingston Lane is a free service, promising many “push button” functions that can start generating and cultivating leads with just a couple clicks. These services include:

  • Landing pages for home valuations, where leads sign up to receive a free home estimation, essentially “raising their hands” for your agent to follow up with them
  • Digital farming for leads based on ZIP codes or a specific radius around an address
  • “Action Plan” emails sent daily to help agents strategize their business for the day
  • Social media ads for listings, as well as ads on real estate portals like Zillow and Trulia

These are just a few of the many offerings Kingston Lane boasts, both in its free and “pro” versions. And all the leads generated through these avenues don’t just have to stay there, in its fairly barebones Leads Manager — send them into TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM to start engaging and tracking them. This video will show you how to set up this simple integration.

kingston lane TRIBUS integration

Connecting Kingston Lane with TRIBUS will place your agents at the top of their games; they’ll be armed with all sorts of lead generation tools, along with the most powerful system to convert them into homebuyers and sellers. Learn more about this service here.

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