CallAction Integration Highlights

  • Inbound lead data through CallAction phone calls/texts synced with TRIBUS’ CRM
  • Information such as voicemail transcriptions and notes appear in lead activity stream
  • Inbound missed calls are immediately followed up with automated text messages

Real estate professionals are practically tied to their phones, relying on it as one of their primary sources of receiving and following up with inbound leads. And now that interested consumers can instantly call you with just a tap — from nothing more than a quick Google search — finding an effective way to stay on top of these inbound calls is more important than ever. CallAction is a company doing just that, which is why TRIBUS decided to fully integrate with its dynamic functionality.

CallAction seeks to change the way brokers and agents engages with their leads. Each agent is outfitted with their own, unique number, and provided with a set of tools to ensure he or she never misses an inbound opportunity.

For instance, if you miss a call — rather than calling back whenever you’re free and risk losing business to someone else in the meantime — that lead is instantly sent a text message to start the engagement process. Calls and voicemails are recorded and transcribed, caller information is automatically sourced, and more. Additionally, you can start engaging new registrants from any of your TRIBUS website’s capture forms immediately with an automated, custom text.

CallAction TRIBUS integration

Of course, all this information CallAction gathers is synced with your TRIBUS CRM, and appears in each lead’s activity stream. The data you’ll be able to use includes:

  • Logs of every inbound and outbounds lead call and text
  • Call recording and voicemail transcriptions
  • Origins of leads
  • Notes saved to leads
  • Inbound call length data
  • Automatic holiday/birthday outbound texts and responses

Once armed with a special phone number (or numbers for specific campaigns), all that’s left to do is start advertising. To help with this side of things, this service’s text tool allows each agent to set his or her own unique “text for more information” rider key to put on any print or digital marketing material, with an automated response directing leads back your website. With the shared power of TRIBUS and CallAction, a brokerage can master the lead conversion process, from first call to final signatures.

Learn more about their services here.

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