Mojo Integration Highlights

  • New leads from your TRIBUS CRM are added to Mojo calling lists for its automatic dialer to nurture them
  • Leads generated from Mojo are pushed into your TRIBUS CRM to track and convert

According to popular real estate coach Tom Ferry, the key difference between those agents who make at least $200,000 a year and those who don’t actually seems pretty simple: the former spend five hours or more a week prospecting for leads. While that’s pretty straightforward in theory, in practice it’s a little more complicated. What is the best use of those five or more hours? It’s imperative to have great agent and team websites provided by your brokerage, but what other tools should agents use to hunt for more leads? And a successful real estate agent is a bust one — are there automations that can be used to prospect for leads when there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything? Services like Mojo are here to help try and answer these questions and alleviate those concerns, using smart tactics to gather new leads into your sales funnel and set up methods of automatically following up with them.

Mojo TRIBUS IntegrationMojo’s platform is essentially divided into two services: lead tracking with its CRM system, and prospecting with its dialer. If an agent makes use of both services, Mojo essentially promises an all-in-one, lead generating and converting machine. Its dialer allows you to set up calls to a automatically cultivated list of those more likely to be in the market for a home (expired property leads, for-sale-by-owner leads, et cetera), and its most basic plan allows for up to 85 calls an hour. Mojo can also help with print, direct mail and blast email marketing campaigns. All leads gathered from these routes can be managed within its built-in CRM system, or, for TRIBUS customers, funneled into our own, powerful real estate brokerage CRM.

By connecting TRIBUS and Mojo through Zapier, you unlock numerous functions between the platforms. For instance, when a new lead comes into your system through your custom real estate brokerage website, you can automatically add them to a calling list or group within Mojo, or create a new calendar activity to remind you to follow up with them. This works both ways: New leads added into Mojo are pushed into TRIBUS’ CRM, as well as any notes added to those leads.

Learn more about this service and what your agents can use it for here.

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