Slybroadcast Integration Highlights

  • Automatically leave a voicemail for new leads within seconds after they register.
  • Stop the clock on leads looking for other brokers / agents.
  • Get detailed delivery data showing which numbers received the voicemail.

In today’s competitive world of real estate leads, the first to respond often times will get the business.  Using Slybroadcast (a division of Slydial), you can automatically deliver ringless voicemail to your leads within seconds of them registering.  In addition, perhaps you want to contact everyone in your sphere of influence (SOI) once per month or quarter.  With this integration, you can automatically leave voicemails for all of these individuals without ever having to pick up a phone!

To use Slybroadcast, simple record your message that you want to send via their website.  The company recommends making it sound like a normal message that you’d leave including um’s and pauses.  As soon as a lead comes in – the message will be sent to their landline or mobile phone voicemail.  This message could simply say that you’ll call them back shortly, you can ask them to call or text you, etc.

For members of your SOI, you could provide interesting market updates explaining that inventory is low and that if they know anyone looking to sell, you have plenty of buyers waiting.

Then the delivery of these messages can happy automatically through triggers in your TRIBUS CRM.  You can use new leads, requests for information, or someone requesting a showing.

If you login to Slybroadcast or use their handy app for iPhone or Android, you can see in real time delivery information. If you send out to your SOI within minutes you can start to see which of your clients had the voicemails delivered. Slybroadcast only charges for confirmed deliveries. Additionally, you can set the call back number to any number you have control over. So if they hit the call back button on their phone, it goes straight to your number directly!

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