Twilio Integration Highlights

  • TRIBUS leads are routed via text messaging to the appropriate agents
  • Route leads with a round robin, round robin with acceptance or first to accept rule

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to following up with leads. In fact, as specified by our own Jeff Harris, an agent is four times more likely to qualify a lead if he or she can respond within the first five minutes of it coming in, as opposed to 10 minutes. Further, qualification is 21 times more likely if he or she can respond in the first 5 minutes, as opposed to 30 minutes. The takeaway here is obvious: A rapid response to a lead coming in can be the difference between making a sale and losing business.

This is precisely why TRIBUS is directly integrated with Twilio. Your ability to convert leads shouldn’t be hampered by a slow routing system. Through Twilio, after a lead goes through the TRIBUS lead routing platform,  your agents can receive text lead notifications and accept the lead, get notifications of showing and info requests and more. One text is all it takes and, from there, the agent can start converting their lead into a customer.

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