PlanOmatic Highlights

  • Auto Order PlanOMatic Photography Upon Accepting A Listing
  • Schedule Time With The Photographer
  • Display high-end photography and floor plans on your listing pages
  • Log in to your TRIBUS company Intranet to enhance listings with your PlanOmatic images

Sometimes marketing your brokerage’s listings is all about the photography. Few things are more effective in attracting visitors’ attention, and if the images are enticing enough, you’ve just greatly increased the likelihood of a lead requesting a showing. As RIS Media notes, homes with high-quality photography on their listing pages sell 32 percent faster. And few companies are as good at capturing the attention that great photography brings as PlanOmatic. Put simply, if you’re looking for beautiful, high-end photos and floor plans for your brokerage and agents, you’d be well served to develop a relationship with PlanOmatic.

We want to make it as easy as possible for your agents to showcase their beautiful listings, helping them market these homes (and themselves!) and, in doing so, make your real estate brokerage more productive and more profitable. This is why we’ve introduced enhanced listings to our real estate brokerage websites. This exclusive feature allows far greater control over the way your brokerage’s listings are presented. Instead of simply getting all your photos pulled in from the MLS — with all the baggage that can sometimes bring, like obtrusive watermarks and no branding for your brokerage — this feature gives the controls back to you to upload your own photos and manage the way they’re presented, right from your brokerage Intranet. So, if you or your agents are really looking to take their presentation up a notch, you can order photos and/or floor plans from PlanOmatic, they will send photographers out to those homes, then you can effortlessly plug them into your listings to make them really shine. You can learn more about their process for ordering photos and floor plans here.

(Coming soon: We are growing our relationship with PlanOmatic to include making TRIBUS’ backend a one-stop-shop for their services. This way, TRIBUS will be deeply connected into PlanOMatic allowing your agents to order not just traditional photography for their listings and have those photos auto load into TRIBUS. But also giving your agents the ability to purchase upgrades like twilight photos, drone videos, floorplans, and more.)

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