Facebook Integration Highlights

  • Automatically push blog posts in TRIBUS to Facebook page
  • Track leads coming in from social posts

There are more than 1.7 billion people that login to Facebook each month.  That probably includes many of your agents and their clients.  While real estate social media experts have espoused plans for how you can be successful on the site, the simple truth is that being consistent while not being too salesy is the easiest answer to success without paying for ads.

Regular posting of information about the market, tips for buyers or sellers, or links to a company / agent blog posts is the easiest way to follow this plan.

Example TRIBUS Facebook PostAt TRIBUS, each of our company and agent websites can be connected to Facebook so that any blog post added to the site will be posted immediately after going live.  And because you can set what time your posts go live, this means you can control when they post to Facebook as well.  You can set your company posts to push live to your company  business page or even to your agents’ pages.   They can also set their posts to go live on their  personal or business pages and you can allow them to post directly to the company page if you’d like.

In addition to the automatic posting, our website analytics system tracks where your visitors come from, so if they click on a link from Facebook, we’ll let you know.

We make it easy to be consistent with your social media presence and if you want to buy ads on the site to drive traffic, we’re integrated with Facebook Lead Ads as well.

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