The business and communication apps we use every day, whether on our office computer or on our phones, are generally meant to make us more productive at our jobs. But what happens when you have so many different apps that they wind up being counterproductive instead? You or your agents have probably had problems in the past resulting from this very issue; forgotten passwords, reentering your usernames and passwords a million times a day and other such problems can result in real time-sucks. (Plus, managing the security of all these apps and devices is probably giving your IT team a serious headache.) To resolve these difficulties, among many others, there’s Onelogin, which TRIBUS integrates with to make your real estate brokerage as productive and communicative as possible.

onelogin dashboard

Onelogin is a Single Sign-On (SSO) portal for all kinds of web apps, including TRIBUS, accessible from just about any device. Once your brokerage sets up its Onelogin portal, you and your agents will need only one username and one password to access all their favorite services. Not only does this cut out all the time we waste every day switching between all our applications (according to this great Onelogin infographic, 69 percent of employees say they lose an hour a day, just from navigating all their business apps), but it also will greatly improve the security of your real estate brokerage’s data.

TRIBUS is always trying to find ways to improve brokerages’ productivity — and, by doing so, increase their profitability — which is why we have doubled down on our commitment to SSO from within your brokerage Intranet with more SSO third-party integrations than ever before. For whatever we can’t do, however, we integrate with Onelogin to make it easier to access everything your business uses, all from one easy-to-use portal. Learn more about their platform here.

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