Reach150 Integration Highlight

  • Add client testimonials on your TRIBUS website
  • Show leads how your real estate brokerage has been a benefit to past customers via recommendations

We don’t need to tell you how important client testimonials, both in today’s society as a whole and specific to the real estate brokerage industry. They’ve been a bedrock of real estate marketing for years, and for good reason. Having a good, verified referrals makes leads six times more likely to trust you with their business, so of course you and your agents should be dedicated to growing a collection of glowing testimonials. Along with this, you need a powerful system to display these testimonials on your website. TRIBUS provides a way to do this out of the box with maximum control over how the testimonials look and where they link to, but for those looking to co-mingle their site with an external service they already know and use — or want to take advantage of additional referral management services — we integrate with Reach150 to make this happen.

To display your Reach150 testimonials on your TRIBUS real estate brokerage website, we can simply insert a widget that is synced with your testimonials, and new reviews are added as soon as you publish them on your Reach150 profile. You can see how this widget looks on one of our clients’ sites, BHHS Realty Center, below.

Reach150 testimonials

Granted, there will always be some design limitations here — as is typical with third-party testimonial widgets like this, Reach150 will automatically add its own branding to the interface to point visitors to the review source. That’s why we often recommend going with the control that adding reviews manually through your TRIBUS website allows. This widget is, however, easy add to just about any page on your site, and provides visitors with a simple way to read what the word around town is for your brokerage and agents.

We also suggest utilizing your TRIBUS email marketing suite to set up periodic reminders to your clients to leave you a nice review. From there, using this integration with Reach150, you’re all set to promote your brokerage with reliable customer referrals.

Learn more about their referral management services here.

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