RealSatisfied Integration Highlights

  • Gathers customer satisfaction data and testimonials to display on your TRIBUS site
  • Use alongside TRIBUS’ Coach to better train agents in problem areas

Testimonials are a hallmark of brokerage and agent marketing for a reason. Word-of-mouth is still one of the single greatest tools in a real estate professional’s arsenal to stand out from the crowd. Through testimonials, you can communicate to your leads that you’re knowledgable, easy to work with and trustworthy. Services like RealSatisfied have optimized this process, allowing brokerages to gather and compile meaningful customer reviews with ease. And when integrated with TRIBUS, it couldn’t be simpler or faster to then gather those testimonials to display on your custom website.

RealSatisfied works by sending out detailed customer satisfaction surveys to clients, giving them the chance to get very precise about their experience working with you. You can directly pull your feed of RealSatisfied testimonials onto your site; you can immediately activate this function on any TRIBUS template, like our Ashland theme, as well as our fully custom websites.

RealSatisfied TRIBUS integration

Besides being a great, word-of-mouth-style marketing tool, the level of detail included with this service allows a high degree of accountability. If the surveys you send out are turning out some negative results, you can quickly reach out to customers to address any concerns they may have. The data gathered (see above) offers an opportunity to identify areas for improvement — areas brokerages can be training their agents in more meaningful ways. If used in conjunction with our Coach product, brokerages have a dynamic new way to concentrate on where they can focus special attention, as well as highlight their particular strengths.

We love integrating with products that make your life easier, and sometimes even improve upon our own products. This service is a great way to ensure that your brokerage has everything it needs to succeed in a competitive marketplace.


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