Zendesk Integration Highlights

  • Help center platform to assist brokers and agents to best utilize their TRIBUS technology
  • Single-sign-on functionality so agents and staff can log in right from your brokerage’s Intranet

Contrary to popular broker belief, commissions are generally not the main reason why REALTORs join a brokerage.  Agents identify that the number one and two reasons they select a company are training/support and technology.  As brokerages seek to provide better support and training for their agents, they are beginning to integrate tools like Zendesk into their support system.

Zendesk is a ticketing and help center platform that can help ensure your agents’ questions are handled quickly and efficiently.  Via their ticket system, agents can email or text in if they need help with a contract, help setting up their computer to connect with the printer, or advice on working with a client.  The email is turned into a trackable ticket so your management team can ensure that the agent’s needs are being met.  The message can even automatically be routed to the appropriate team member, and you can see in real time as your team works the question or problem to resolution.  You can even get regular reports to see the amount of time until they first answer the questions and the time until the agent’s problem was resolved.  Agents can even rate the support in real time.

TRIBUS integrates with Zendesk to provide single-sign-on functionality for your agents, right from within their Intranet.

While TRIBUS provides, included in our price, Concierge Support for all of our brokers and agents, your brokerage might want to provide additional resources that could include help drafting a contract, videos of office and company wide meetings, or using your in-house printers / scanners.  All of this can be done directly within a Zendesk platform.

And if your team gets any questions about TRIBUS’ products or services, we can even create a further connection between your Zendesk account and the one TRIBUS uses to support your agents. With the touch of a button, your support representatives can send the request to us and we’ll work to solve it immediately.

Learn more at their website.

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