Dotloop Integration Highlights

  • Sync transaction data between TRIBUS and Dotloop for thorough reporting and streamlined transaction management
  • Your agents can use Dotloop’s tools for digital signatures, document storage and more side-by-side with TRIBUS’ suite of services

Client Transactions in TRIBUS
Your brokerage’s transactions are, obviously, what keeps the lights on for your brokerage. Having a strong platform for transaction management (as well as everyday transactional tasks like document review/storage and digital signatures) will not only increase your agents’ productivity, it will also be crucial in helping you build a model for future success. A manager with access to a streamlined transaction management platform will be better able to get a perspective on what’s working and what’s not, as well as which agents are producing higher and which may need a little more coaching. At TRIBUS, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into crafting transaction management tools to suit any brokerage. But there are some things we don’t do — and, of course, your brokerage may already be using another platform for these needs — so, for those reasons and more, we integrate with Dotloop.


Dotloop, like TRIBUS, believes that productivity for your brokerage often lies in being able to access all kinds of useful services all contained in a central hub. Dotloop’s platform consolidates so many of the tools you and your agents need for managing their transactions into one end-to-end platform. These include document/form storage, eSignatures, compliance, reporting and more. The software works in real-time, allowing for increased visibility of everything your business is doing on a daily basis. Helpfully, all these tools are easy to use, so your agents will have no problem implementing them into their routines; on an admin level, meanwhile, you can set up automatic notifications and workflows to help your agents with this.

dotloop chart

The seamless integration between TRIBUS and Dotloop will make it so that you’re not having to enter data multiple times between the two platforms, using both in tandem with each other. As visitors come through your custom real estate brokerage website, they are simultaneously pushed as leads into TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM and as “loops” in Dotloop.

dotloop - document signing

These two records are synced, so that as you add more details to their lead profile in your CRM, that info is populated in the loop. Once your agent converts that lead and starts in on their transaction, Dotloop will automatically read all the data associated with that transaction. You and your agents get the best of both worlds: the entire suite of services provided by TRIBUS, and the robust transaction management software Dotloop creates for brokers.

Learn more about this transaction management platform here.

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