Using Your Blog to Enhance Real Estate Brokerage SEO

One of the top 5 questions our support team receives is “How can I boost my real estate website SEO?”, and much to the surprise of those asking, one of the easiest ways to do that is by keeping up a blog on your brokerage website! Writing a blog can seem daunting but it’s a lot easier than you think! Your blog posts don’t need to be long (start out by aiming for 500 words) and keep in mind that the best blogs focus on quality of content over quantity so write about what you know best: Real Estate.

Below are a just a handful of places that can be used for inspiration for your own Real Estate Blog:

Your Brokerage: Have a new agent joining your brokerage? Use it as a way to highlight your brokerage’s continuous growth. Start a monthly or weekly series where you feature an agent by interviewing them and  their favorite parts of your market. Have a top producing agent? Do a “Day in the Life” spotlight to show what selling Real Estate is really like. Topic’s don’t stop there! Your blog can be a free marketing tool to show off your brokerage’s involvement in the community and can even be a great way to recruit other agents to your brokerage!  Check your real estate intranet and chat in your brokerage to see what agents are asking about.  If your agents are asking about it, likely clients and other agents are too.   This content is gold for brokerage SEO.

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Your Inbox:Market Trends: Show off your expertise in the market by writing about current market trends in your community. Compare it month to month or the current year vs last year. Don’t forget about mortgages and changing rates! Use it as an opportunity to have a local lender be a “guest blogger” to give their take on what’s happening in the market!

Buying/Selling Tips: Don’t give away all of your secrets though! Use a call to action or link to a contact form on your site so that you can continuously build your CRM!

Your Listings: We can’t forget the reason we’re all here, to sell houses! Feature a listing of the week and you could even get seller clients involved by having them provide a list of what they love most about the house!

Have some ideas flowing and ready to get started? Are you a TRIBUS client already? Reach out to a TRIBUS Concierge support representative and we’ll walk you through how to post a blog and even provide some SEO pointers and tips! 

Content is key to brokerage SEO.  Write as much as you and your team can, as frequently as you can.

Prior to joining TRIBUS, Kerry was a producing Realtor for a LeadingRE / Luxury Portfolio brokerage. On top of working with buyers and sellers, Kerry also ran the brokerage's tech and lead department. She helped their agents convert leads into clients, and clients into closings.

Now at TRIBUS, Kerry runs TRIBUS' Client Care department. Her and her team assist agents 11 hours a day via phone, chat, and email with anything they might need — including managing their email marketing, uploading client lists and more.
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