Use Social Media Outlets To Market Your Real Estate Brokerage

With multiple social media outlets emerging almost daily, it may be overwhelming to keep up, especially as a real estate brokerage. Most know what the top social media outlets are, but did you know that how you communicate will effect how successful you are on these channels?


For Facebook, adding a visual is a must. Perhaps a listing photo or a video of one of your agents.  But, it doesn’t end there. An eye catching one makes all the difference! When flipping through a feed, readers only stop at what they find intriguing. Sleek images with trendy aesthetics are key. So, it looks like it’s time to brush up on your photo editing skills!  Make sure to check out Canva to help with this.


This goes for all social media platforms. Particular to this outlet, text-filled posts are received well. With the general demographic averaging 40 years old, users spend more time on Facebook. Typical Facebook enthusiasts are active for a whopping 35 minutes per day, according to Omnicore.  So loading up your posts with rich content is great for this outlet. Linking other pages/people is also imperative. This opens up the opportunity to have your posts shared, increasing your exposure. Hashtag usage is key for Facebook as well. Unlike Twitter, most people don’t clik on hashtags to connect to similar posts. But, campaign hashtag usage has skyrocketed, such as #ShareACoke or the famous #IceBucketChallenge, create dot raise money for the ALS. It’s important to continue innovation and adaption with your posts. As trends change, so does content and usage. Unfortunately, #YOLO is now a thing of the past!

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Twitter: a Hashtag Heaven


When we say hashtag heaven, we mean it! Creating a hashtag library for your real estate brokerage is key, and sticking to ones that are tweeted often will generate the most exposure. Campaigns should also be carried onto Twitter and all other active outlets to create consistency.   You might notice that here at TRIBUS we launched a marketing campaign discussing how some of the best brokerages in the country have chosen to engage TRIBUS.  So we’ve been tagging posts with #BestBrokerages

With a limit of 280 characters, being short and sweet on this platform is the status quo. Images are used less.  But you can be incredibly effective using links in your posts.   Make sure each of your tweets includes a link back to somewhere on your real estate brokerage website.  Asking engaging questions with tags will create threads, retweets, and exposure. Being active on Twitter and all other outlets will help your audience create an image for your brands. With an average age in the late teens to early 20’s, keeping extensive information on this platform will be beneficial for your brokerage.

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Instagram: Photos, Photos, And More Photos

Like mentioned earlier, aesthetics are key. This platform typically relies on your image impression nearly exclusively. Showcasing your brokerage’s listings or agents is a great way to build engagement. It allows potential clients/buyer to get a quick glimpse at what you do, turning curiosity into customers.   But the photo needs to be engaging to get someone to stop and pay attention.  Adding your website in your bio with a mention in posts will also generate interest. Additionally, tagging a location will create almost 80% more engagement! So make sure to tag the city where your listings are at.  Sharing and reposting clients or testimonials will also build your business, showing potential customers what your brand stands for and how important your clients are to you.





If you’re looking for B2B (business to business) marketing, LinkedIn is your solution. According to Omnicore, about half of the people engaged in LinkedIn articles hold higher level business positions. This is a great place to have content linking to blogs, articles and websites. Hashtags are also used frequently and many search by users. LinkedIn is the platform for business innovation, so showcasing your company’s abilities is crucial.


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Allison Heinrich is passionate about real estate marketing. Having gone to Illinois State University she graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Marketing. While there she enjoyed learning about real estate and checking out houses online. Now at TRIBUS she focuses her time on not only helping TRIBUS better market to real estate brokerage companies, but also helps our clients market themselves online.
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