CRM Contact Exports Highlights

  • Export leads or contacts in your CRM to CSV files or mailing labels
  • Add tags to your database to sort them granularly and export those lists

Many real estate brokerages have a huge database of current leads and past clients, ripe for engaging with drip or blast email campaigns. That’s a good sign of a healthy brokerage. But how does this benefit you when it comes to more traditional forms of marketing, like direct mail? Or if you need to upload them in bulk into another, separate marketing platform that hasn’t joined the many already integrated with TRIBUS? For those sorts of functions, as well as many others, TRIBUS has made it simple to execute exports of your leads and contacts, so that you and your agents can engage with them in any fashion you see fit.

The capability to conduct exports to CSV files is available on the Transactions page in your real estate brokerage CRM. This allows you to manage your leads more easily and store them in a file format that works for you. For example, you can pull all of your solds for this year and easily export them to a CSV file for easier review and management, keeping your brokerage’s name at the top of those customers’ minds for referrals and repeat business. Or you can pull all of your leads that have been generated through portals like Zillow or Trulia and export them for more effective management.


You can also export leads to a mailing label PDF in Avery 5160 format or for #10 envelopes. Just select whether you want the CSV or mailing label export in the dropdown menu pictured above. This export can print 30 labels at a time, and only leads with address information stored in your CRM will be printed. This makes it more convenient than ever to start an outbound, direct-mail marketing campaign to potential customers, past customers and more.

To make your target audience more granular, it’s helpful to implement tags within your CRM. For instance, you may have a tag for past clients, cold leads, vendors, buyers, sellers, long-term leads, short-term leads or any other subcategory you can dream up. Our CRM comes preloaded with most of the tags a brokerage might use, but by creating custom capture forms that automatically add them to a lead, you can organize them any way you see fit. Then just sort by whichever tag you need to target and start carrying out exports of them.

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