Social Profiles and Photos Highlights

  • Add leads’ social media profiles to their details page
  • Profile photos added as well
  • Connect with leads where they live for more personalized engagment

Real estate is local. Real estate is personal. With leads coming in from a variety of sources, it can be hard to make that personal connection right away. A lead can often feel like just another lead, with no face behind the name, no personality, no substance. With our Social connections, we add some individuality and personality to your leads. Consider this component to be the TRIBUS real estate brokerage CRM’s automatic, instantaneous detective service.

Our system is unparalleled in its ability to streamline the lead generation process. As soon as a lead gets added to its database, it automatically cross-references the email address with any social profiles and photos that can be found online. This includes links out to those profiles for agents to view their public information — they can even follow or “friend” them on those platforms and keep in touch (perhaps putting your foot in the door the next time they or someone they know need to buy or sell a home).

If we can identify these things, they’ll be instantly stored to the lead’s profile page for the agent to reference later when needed.  So now when an agent sees a new lead, they can see their photo, and links to their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and more social accounts (where available). This gives agents a little bit of an opportunity to learn about leads where they really live online, and perhaps gain some knowledge that will help the agent communicate with them better. The lead now has a face to the name and a real personality, and is no longer just another lead. Now when your agents make that first call, they can already feel more connected before the lead can say “hello!”

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