Lead Tracking Highlights

  • By using lead tags on your real estate brokerage CRM, you and your agents can manage your email subscriber lists without having to jump back and forth between pages
  • Move leads to different categories, like “short-term lead,” “long-term lead” and, eventually, “client” — while the TRIBUS system comes preloaded with most of the tags you need, brokers can create their own to suit their needs

As an agent works leads through the sales conversion funnel, obviously the way they communicate with them should change. The messaging they receive after they first register on your real estate brokerage website shouldn’t look very similar to what they’re sent after going on a few showings or mentioning that they’re only looking to buy sometime in the next year. In more practical terms, leads are going to need to jump from different drip campaigns, with different email templates, during the sales process for agents to target them accordingly. That could mean manually going into various email lists, deleting them from one and adding them to another, but that’s cumbersome and unnecessarily time consuming. Instead, when you’re utilizing TRIBUS’ tagging system, lead tracking is simple and streamlined, and eliminates repeat entry.

A core part of an agent’s existing day-to-day process often includes updating tags that have been applied to leads. With lead tracking, we can auto-subscribe those leads onto email lists and eliminate the unnecessary step of managing subscriber lists, making an agent’s job easier. And tags can also be easily removed by simply removing the “Client” tag and applying “Past Client.” The system automatically knows to begin sending past client email drips. Other possible helpful tags may include subcategories like “short-term leads” and “long-term leads,” each with their own, separate drip campaigns. You can also organize your list of contacts by their tags and easily export all of them to printable mailing labels PDFs.

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