Whether right or wrong, consumers have shown that they want an instant answer to the question: What’s my home worth? Or What’s that home worth? When consumers were asked, they understood that the numbers presented online were likely off or an estimate, not fact. But they were presented with an answer to the question, instantly, using an AVM.

Your brokerage has likely encountered numerous consumers with over-inflated expectations of what their home was worth due to this issue. But by offering an AVM or automated valuation model on your custom real estate brokerage website, you can not only answer that question, but also educate the consumer on why an AVM is likely wrong.

Finding a painless way of obtaining an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for a home can be pivotal to attracting sellers to your brokerage. AVM reports, which use a mathematical analysis to determine properties’ values at any given time, are key to providing value estimates to potential seller clients.

We believe the best answer in providing this information is to present the consumer with multiple AVM options. By showing at least 2 or more options, the consumer can easily see how different the AVMs are guessing the property is worth. Using our connections with Buyside, Zillow and more, we can present multiple AVM options and still allow you to present the likelihood of the numbers being correct. Most importantly, built into the site and your brokerage IDX, we can prominently display a form to get a real valuation from one of your brokerage’s agents. That lead and CMA request can then instantly flow into your real estate brokerage CRM and be routed to one of your agents.

This way, with a broader range of data, we can produce more accurate and reliable results. Using this TRIBUS service, you know your own pricing is fair, and your customers can trust that you have their best interests in mind.

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