Buyer Tour Highlights

  • Leads can select several homes they’re interested in and plot them on a map to schedule multiple, successive tours in a row
  • Generate a home tour plan with an optimized route for agents to take the leads on to see multiple houses

While some leads may come in to your real estate brokerage website, perform a search, quickly find the home they want, schedule a showing and decide to buy the home, as any real estate professional can tell you, that is rarely going to be the case. Many folks, instead, are going to find any number of homes they feel are worth checking out in person. In those cases, it’s a pain to have them sign up to schedule a showing one at a time, one by one, and makes it difficult for an agent to organize them. Our option for a visitor to your real estate brokerage website to set up a buyer tour for themselves streamlines this entire process, and allows your agents to plan multiple showings with a much higher degree of efficiency.

A buyer tour is when leads are able to select multiple properties from a results page that they would like to schedule showings for and plot them on a map. Whenever time and availability allows, they can set up a schedule with their agents to hit all the homes in one go. This allows both the lead and their agent to plan their route efficiently. Once the home tour is generated, they can even print or send directions via email for easy access later.

Scheduled showings will appear in the agent’s real estate brokerage CRM and the lead’s activity stream, along with all the lead’s other details, like contact info, saved searches, homes they’ve viewed and rated, as well as links out to their social profiles.

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