Direct Listing Links Highlights:

  • Create simple URLs for your listing pages, each in a uniform structure for easy search
  • Having more streamlined links will not damage your website’s SEO

Stop us if you have heard this one: You’re sending a link to a friend, and the URL for that link is 30 lines long, a totally unreadable monstrosity full of numbers, symbols and an endless amount of backslashes. That sort of link structure is often the case when it comes to your real estate brokerage listings. It’s one thing when that long, unwieldy URL stays put safely in a browser’s address bar; it’s another when you have to send the links out to marketing channels or leads. To help with this, as well as many other problems that can crop up with cumbersome links, we have provided our clients with the capability to create direct listing links.

Most notably, in terms of benefits, direct listing links are useful when you are sending a URL to a third party marketing company, as they can automatically populate the link out to different brokerage listings just by knowing the MLS number. The basic structure is uniform with each listing. With these links, you are able to view any IDX listing details page to see any updates made to the property’s information, listing price or status on the market.

Additionally, all old URLs will automatically redirect seamlessly so you don’t have to worry about having to do this manually — your real estate brokerage website visitors will never have to hit a 404 error message while searching through your listings just because they clicked on an outdated link from before becoming a TRIBUS client. Best of all, this kind of streamlined structure still adheres to the SEO best practices, and won’t hurt your website in search engines’ rankings. If anything, the more legible direct listing links could improve your standing!

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