Listings Highlights

  • Listings pages include all data that comes through your MLS through an RETS feed
  • TRIBUS is able to add all sorts of other details and functions, including third-party integrations
  • Leads are able to rate listings one to five stars for their (and the assigned agent’s) future reference

With our listings feature, we’re able to capture all the data provided by the MLS through an RETS feed, but it doesn’t end there. As long as the data is provided to us, we’re able to custom design the page to display all listing information exactly the way our clients need it.

Data Included Through the MLS

Common listing information that comes “standard” includes:

  • Photos
  • Virtual tour link
  • Primary info like address, price, beds, baths, sq. ft., parking
  • Property description
  • Additional property details (as much data as clients want as long as it’s provided via the RETS feed)

Additional Features You Can Include with TRIBUS

We can also add other information to the page, directly from our products:

  • Calls to action: Showing Request, Property Alerts, Get Info and more
  • A one- to five-star rating field; each property rating will be saved within the lead’s activity stream
  • Agent info with contact info, headshot photo and more (for brokerage listings)
  • Similar listings
  • Stats on the listing popularity (how many times it’s been viewed and or rated by others)
  • Market stats for the listing’s area, automatically refreshed to keep the data updated
  • Mortgage calculator

Additional Features You Can Include Through Third-Party Integrations

TRIBUS has a nimble API that allows us to connect with countless other vendors; we are already integrated with about 150 other platforms. Additionally, we are able to integrate with third-party services to display all kinds of other information. Services provided in this way can include:

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